Ken's Copper Chimes
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The DEsigner

After 50 years of working in the food equipment service industry, I finally decided to retire. To keep myself busy, I decided to build wind chimes for friends and family. I love working with my hands and designing new things. So we decided to start our small business building handcrafted custom wind chimes. 

Soldering in the pins that hold the wires

Soldering the pins that hold 

the suspension wires

into the tubes  

Polishing the tubes before 

spraying them with clear lacquer.

Mounting the finished pipes

to the header. 

The Product

We only use copper for our chimes, for the sound, the look and the durabilty. We start with raw copper pipe, cut it to size and deburr it. We mark and drill each pipe at the point of resonance, so they have a true bell sound. A proprietary pin and copper wire is then inserted into the tube and soldered. They are then polished and sprayed with clear lacquer to prevent them from turning green, but still allow them to amber out. Our pipes come in 3/4" and 1" diameters and 16" or 24" long (length of longest pipe) and have 8 pipes for the perfect sound. Our headers are either locally harvested wood or copper. Our wood headers are cut, air dried, treated with 2 coats of Water Seal, 2 coats of Tung Oil and finished with 2-3 coats of clear lacquer. The clapper is 14 guage copper plate and polished and finished the same as the tubes. The sails are treated the same way as the headers and can be lasered to give it  a customized look.