After working for 50 years in the service industry, I finally retired and am able to do the things that I enjoy. I hand select all of the wood that I use for the header; oak, cedar, cherry, hickory, locust and maple. I hand cut everything, air dry it and then try to bring out the best features of each piece. I sand and then apply 2 coats of water seal, 2 coats of teak oil and finish with 2 coats of clear, spray lacquer. All of the tubes are cut from pure copper pipe. All of my chime pins are hand bent out of 12 gauge copper wire. The pins are then soldered to the tube and polished. The tubes are hung using 18 gauge stranded copper wire with hand soldered loops to secure them to the pins, so they hang straight. All of the tubes are drilled to the optimum resonance, so the tone is clear and strong. The hook to hang them is hand crafted out of copper wire, strengthened and soldered for strength. The clapper is pure copper and all pieces are protected with 2 coats of clear spray lacquer. Each piece is unique, no two the same, they can be customized to make each chime your own. These aren’t cookie cutter chimes and will last for years.